Sunday, January 26, 2003

Super Bowl Update

So far so good!! Gooooooo BUCS!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2003

My new website is Go there and see what's up...

Saturday, January 11, 2003

I'm still alive. Believe it or not. The holidays and various other personal things kept me away but I will make a certain level of effort to post on a regular basis.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

We made the news!!!

Apparantly there has been voter fraud in my home town of Kenosha! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-haa!! At the Dayton no less. The Dayton is a facility where they keep incredibly crazy war veterans in the downtown(excuse me... uptown) area of the city. This area is devoid of business or activity for the most part and it is because of the insane people that berate you as you walk there. The fact that national news is being made there is very surreal to me. Only in Kenosha.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

My Odyssey Through Sin and Salvation – Part 1: The arrival.

My grandmother’s birthday was last Saturday and my father invited me to fly out to Nephi, Utah for the party. Nephi is a vast metropolis of 3-5 thousand down in the very center of Utah. It is considered a large city in comparison to the surrounding options. Woo-hoo! My father tells me that instead of flying out to Salt Lake City and driving down, it was much cheaper to fly out to Las Vegas and drive in from the south. Great! I’d never been to Vegas so I jumped at this opportunity. It turned out I would get more than I had bargained for.

We flew with ATA on a Boeing 737. This is not a large plane and I’m 6’4” so I wasn’t looking forward to this at all. Luckily for me, the man sitting in front of me was in love and he really wanted to sit in my lap. Being that there wasn't room, he did the next best thing and leaned all the way back until his bald spot was staring me in the eye. I spent the bulk of the trip reading his newspaper and trying to figure out a way to stow my legs in the overhead compartment. Four blissful hours later we were in Las Vegas. I nearly kissed the ground. Now, I’ve read and watched a great deal of material on Las Vegas and I felt I was basically prepared for what I would find there, but it still had some surprises in store for me.

The first sound I hear when stepping from the airplane is the sound of money raining down from a slot machine. I would come to find this sound would be ever present for the duration of my visit. Gambling in the AIRPORT?!?! I took that in as best I could and moved on. We gathered our belongings and stepped out into the warm (by Wisconsin standards... it was 60 degrees) desert air. It was around midnight and the strip was clearly visible from the airport. It seemed as though it would be visible from anywhere in the city. Vegas was turning out to be everything I hoped and feared it would be. I had no idea to what extent. Next: The Strip

Thursday, October 24, 2002

W T F?

These "people" are retarded.

In other news:

-Ancient redwood signs anti-deforestation agreement with United States Department of the Interior!

-Mini-trampoline gives speech on maintaining a healthy diet in an attempt to prevent obesity!

-LOFOTGOM(The League of Fish of the Gulf of Mexico) voted 100% with 100% turnout to end commercial fishing!
Iz notta tuma!!

Woah... This is gross!
Yo' Momma!!!!

Wha? You gotta problum wit dat?

Do sumthin' 'bout it!
I'm In Love

I gonna need a shotgun for all the cute little birdies that keep landing on my shoulder. I'm not sure what that means so I'll move on. These young ladies have captivated me completely. In all honesty, I love the site. Keep it up.

P.S. The Simpsons are better than Kids in the Hall. Only untrustworthy(read: Old) people could disagree.
ByFluX II, Back in Action

Well, I'm back. I lost the ability to write for a time due to several personal matters including:
1: Lady Troubles - Don't Ask
b: A Promotion at work - I sell tattoo aftercare now! WOO-HOO!
4: The general political climate combined with my mental state didn't allow for the most brilliant entries.

This site will now be taking a rather different direction. I plan on moving away from politics in general and focusing more on the bizarre thoughts that randomly enter my head. The introspective level of my consciousness has increased drastically and I have a lot more to say about personal things than anything else. I would worry that this would alienate the base of people that read this site but I realize that noone reads this site so I won't.

Keep coming back if you have been. There will be a point now.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

A Toaster?

I couldn't have put it better myself.

Via Tim Blair.
Oh, the Humanity!!

I belong to a rare breed in Wisconsin. I am a Bears fan. As anyone who follows football would know, this hasn't been easy these last ten years. Things didn't get any better last night. My Bears lost to the Packers 34-21 and earned every bit of it. With the schedule they have this year, things don't look like they will be getting any better. I guess it is time to hide in the basement until all the Packer fans are done parading around in the streets, wearing their cheese hats, eating the bratwurst, drinking their Milwaukee's Best, and verbally flaying anyone who has the gall to support the "Bad News Bears" in their magnificent state. It's gonna be a long season.